Helpful facts about timber frame/post and beam homes

Getting Started

How many houses/projects do you typically work on at a time?

In order to ensure that the best attention is given to your project, CK Timber Frames will typically work on one project at a time.

Is your company a building company, or do you employ 3rd party builders to execute a Woodhouse project?

As an Independent Builder Dealer, CK Timber Frames will manage the construction of your new home. This will include the supervision of a recruited 3rd party builder during the duration of your project.

How wide of an area range do you cover?

The service of CK Timber Frames is available across the eastern half of Tennessee.

Do you have relationships with local banks to help the customer with construction loans, if so which banks?

Yes, if you would like assistance with your construction loans, CK Timber Frames has helpful relationships with two local banks: Volunteer Federal located in Vonore, TN, and United Community Bank in Lenore City, TN.

Can you help your customer find land upon which to build a Woodhouse?

Certainly! CK Timber Frames intends to ease your building experience. Before getting started, CK Timber Frames would be glad to help you find the a location for your new home.

Is it OK to visit my home while it’s under construction?

Yes, with CK Timber Frames we aim to provide a comfortable building experience. You are free to visit your home and feel included with the progression of your project.


What if I need engineer or architect approved drawings?

Woodhouse® retains an architect and engineer who are licensed in many states. If you prefer, we can work with your local architect or engineer. The cost for these services will vary depending on your location and the requirements of the state in which you are building.

Will Woodhouse® use someone else's plans?

Yes. Assuming that you have purchased the rights to use your plans. This is to protect you and Woodhouse® from infringing on the copyright owned by another company or individual. However, architectural styles cannot be copyrighted and, in many cases, our designers can approximate the “essence” or “feeling” of various home styles without infringing on any copyrights.

Will you work with my architect?

Yes. But it works best when both Woodhouse® and the architect work together from the very beginning. Also, be aware that some architects’ designs are more adaptable to a timber frame system than others, so it’s important that our design team be involved early on.

Do you have pre-designed home plans?

Absolutely. Woodhouse® offers a complete line of SmartWood™ pre-designed plans that you can customize to suit your needs. Cost is a significant advantage of a SmartWood™ home package, as they are significantly less expensive than a custom timber frame package.

Do you offer custom design services?

Yes. Woodhouse® has a full staff of architects and professional designers who are experienced in all aspects of timber frame design..